A visit from the NSPCC

We enjoyed learning about our rights with some speakers from the NSPCC this afternoon. We thought about our right to be heard and to feel safe. We discussed what to do if we didn’t feel safe, including if we are worried about something or if we are being bullied. 


Column addition with regrouping

We’ve been playing a game to help us with the concept of regrouping (exchanging 10 ones for one ten). If you want to further support your child you could practise quickly adding 2 or 3 one digit numbers mentally, for example 3+5+1. This will help them greatly when they come to add up the numbers in a column addition calculation.

Trust and consideration of others

Ask us about the trust game we played in the forest this afternoon with blindfolds. We thought about how it feels to be blindfolded and also what it is like to be the one with the responsibility to be the guide. We had cheese twists for our snack after washing our hands at the tippy tap and really enjoyed changing the words to some of our campfire songs to include our wet socks and cheese twists, perhaps if you ask us we can give you a rendition…

Exploring and converting different currencies

Today we learnt about the currencies used by our partner schools in Europe. We studied real coins and notes closely to see the similarities and differences between the foreign currency and the British pound. We found out how much each currency is worth compared to the pound and pretended that we were making a shop to sell school items but in foreign currency! We thought of a price in pounds, then converted it knowing that when rounded to the nearest whole number, the pound and the euro are worth about the same, but that one pound is worth 2 Bulgarian lev, 5 Romainian leu and 11 Swedish krona! Some great maths!